The Sunflower Theater

The theater during it’s initial setup.

The Sunflower Theater is a 32 seat parlor sized magic theater located in Parowan Utah. It’s core mission is to provide a performing space for magicians and other live performers where they can connect with their audiences in a small intimate space. While it’s focus is of course for magicians, it is open and welcoming to performers of all types and hopes to become a hub in the larger performing community of Southern Utah.

To this aim, one key feature of the space will be its flexibility and adaptability. In it’s key layout it will serve as a 32 seat parlor theater, but that layout can be adjusted and modified to meet whatever idea the performers have for the space.

In fact, along with being a theater it will also serve as a classroom for performance art workshops, lessons, and even summer camps!

It will be available for private event, parties, and more.

The only limits to what the theater can be is are the imaginations of the performers who perform there (and the size of course..)

If you have an idea for the theater and would like to learn more about how it can be your home for your art, please reach out at

801-709-1322 or frank@areallyneatguy.com